Do You Need An Estate Sale?

There are many occasions that might cause a person to need an Estate Sale:

  • Death in the family
  • Downsizing to a smaller place
  • Moving out of town
  • Just having too much stuff

Usually, if there is a death the executor finds a way to dispose of the items that heirs do not want or may decide to have an estate sale so that the heirs each get an equal amount of money.  Often heirs disagree about what they want and two siblings may want the same piece of furniture.  Selling the items and dividing up the money is the fairest way to handle a difference in value between what people want.

Downsizing to a smaller place or moving out of town is another reason to have a sale.  Some pieces of furniture that you want to keep should be tagged “Not for Sale” or removed before the estate sale workers begin pricing items.  Many times, the scale of the furniture for a large home is not suitable for a smaller space, so people may want to sell their furniture and buy new items with the smaller space in mind.  Typically, sofas and dining room sets are too big to fit in the new place.  Sometimes, people get a price on moving their furniture and decide to start over with buying new items at the new location because they can save the moving costs.

Estate Sale Guidelines

  • *No children, please.
  • Cash for purchases under $25.00
  • Minimum $25.00 for credit cards
  • Checks accepted for purchases over $100.
  • No numbers given. Please be in line – we open 15 minutes before published start of sale.