Bolo Ties By Linda Moore

Bolo Ties By Linda Moore:

Bolo ties were popular in the 30’s and 40’s the Southwest, but they  go back to the 19 th century. The states of Arizona, New Mexico and
Texas have designated the bolo as their official tie.
The ”string tie” is usually made with a braided leather cord, accented
with silver or a semi-precious stone that slides up and down and
features metal tips, beads or charms on the bottom.

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I recently used some vintage pins as the featured item and attached
them to a leather cord or a long necklace to give the bolo a feminine
Some bolos, like the malachite version I made on green leather cord,
can be unisex. Any item with a flat back can be glued to the slide that
holds the leather cord. Tips can be silver or gold, beads, or pewter
charms such as feathers.

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